BuzzClub @ the Sewing Room

We just finished the first BuzzClub at The Sewing Room in Frisco, Texas!  We are going to try to make this a bi-monthly event, so if you are interested, be sure to check out their website OR my schedule page for more information on future happenings!

Our lecture class was on organizing designs using BuzzXplore.  This program makes it so easy to find your designs and to organize your purchased designs from the free samples you download off the internet.  I like to keep mine separated so that I can tell someone if they can download them for free or from what design collection they came from. 

BuzzClub1The hands on class was too much fun and yes, everyone split their embroidery design into two sections AND they all lined back up at the machine! If you can line up a satin stitch outline, you can line up anything!  Because everyone finished ahead of schedule, I’m going to have to up my game for a more challenging project for next time…

I also picked up some new feet for my Janome machine – the proper tools always make the job at hand so much easier.  I say this all the time when it comes to software, and now I understand the same thing applies to feet for the machine!  Putting in corded piping with a piping foot OR the Janome invisible zipper foot is SO MUCH easier to get good results!  Linda McGehee (of Ghees and the maker of all those easy to follow handbag patterns with the hidden pockets and fun zippers) taught me some wonderful techniques and now I’ve got all the right feet for my machine – no more excuses 🙂

Until next time – Lisa


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