Graphics for Digitizing

For those of you interested in digitizing, one of the biggest issues we come across is graphic preparation.  I taught a class at SewExpo this year on this topic and one of the programs that mentioned in class was Pre-Design by Artistitch.  I welcome you to check out the program information listed on my website – you can also download a demo version from Loes’ website – to try it out for yourself. 

Don’t forget that the notes/information from this class can be found under Samples > Notes on my website as well!

Enjoy!  Lisa


2 Comments on “Graphics for Digitizing”

  1. The first thing to consider in choosing an embroider software is it’s ease of use.

  2. Joe Blair says:

    My wife, Mildred, and I have just completed our second round of Lisa’s classes using various Buzz Tools such as Buzz Edit, etc. I can tell you that we had more fun than the law allows. I have been the one to do more with the software than Mildred but this time, she had me do much of the stitch-out work on the large design that we split into four sections in order to sew out on a Jenome 10000 or 11000 embroidery machine.

    Lisa is an excellent teacher and is so very patient with all her students. If you have a need to modify, edit, resize, or split machine embroidery files, I highly recommend Buzz Edit with a class from Lisa to get you started.

    Joe Blair

    P.S. I am already signed up for her next round of classes. Try it, You will like it.

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