On-Line Classes – at your own pace!

Embroidery Academy

Embroidery Academy

I just completed preparing an online class for Embroidery Academy and I am so very excited.  Being able to offer an online class will provide an opportunity for anyone to take classes that I normally teach at dealers and sewing & embroidery events in locations around the country.  I will post the Buzz class schedule on my website as well – for now here is the first one: http://www.embroidery-academy.com/MoreInfo/36

I was contacted by Bonnie at the Embroidery Academy a few months ago and I was extremely intrigued with the whole concept of teaching online.  All the classes are self paced – you log on and complete the sections on your schedule.  I was concerned about the interaction between student/teacher but the website allows for a message board that I will monitor and answer questions as they come up.  Just like in a real classroom, the students can also interact with each other.  I think it’s a pretty cool and unique concept and I am very excited about this opportunity.

The Embroidery Academy is offering a multitude of classes.  This month they are also offering a sweepstakes with some really awesome prizes.  If you are at all curious, I encourage you to visit their website and check it out.  Why not try it out and sign up for their free class on organizing your sewing room!


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