When it snows, it’s time to SEW!

Although Easter is usually a sign that spring is on its way, it’s hard to imagine that looking out my front window – or back window for that matter! Yes, we need the moisture here in Colorado, but I am so ready for green ground cover it is not even funny! I can’t say green grass since we pretty much follow the thought that if it’s green and covers the dirt in the front yard, it’s a good thing!

Guess I have a choice – shovel or head to the sewing room to work on one of those free projects I downloaded the other day…. I know, it wasn’t a tough decision for me either!  I am teaching at the Embroidery Convention sponsored by Echidna Sewing at the end of the month, and of course I am working on some new embroidered samples showcasing the features of the Buzz Tools software programs. Today I’m going to embellish a shower wrap – made from a large bath towel, some elastic & velcro – using designs from Loralie’s mermaid collection (supersized & customized). 

When I finish this project, let’s hope I can get a picture posted before I start a new one! In the meantime, hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!


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