Wolf splitting how-to

For those looking for the free video showing the splitting of the EmbLibrary wolf and eagle using two windows, http://www.sew-bubbles.com/video_lessons.htm

There is no sound because of the size of the video, but the big thing is going to File > New Workspace, start a new design in the same format so that you have a screen on one side with the design in the layout and an EMPTY exact layout on the other side so you can copy and paste between the two. Important that they are the EXACT same format and hoop layout so that they cut from and paste to the same location in SPACE in the other!

Have scheduled a BuzzSize Customizing and a BuzzEdit – 3 quick splitting/slicing projects for The Sewing Room in March 2010. The BuzzEdit class will cover how to split a design so you can create an invisible closure. Check out The Sewing Room to sign up as the class size is limted to 12 since it is HANDS ON with your laptop!


My blog has moved to www.Sew-Bubbles.com - please visit for the most up to date posts!

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