Getting to know Melvin

Scissor Sewing MacI decided to just go hog wild and challenge myself in the most extreme way that I could think of…..I bought a MacBook Air.  After using a Windows based PC for over 20 years (holy smokes has it been that long!) I am a self-proclaimed geek and have been lucky enough to have this “computer stuff” come pretty easily to me. 

Well, if it wasn’t for my friend Jim ( I’m not sure if Melvin would have survived in my world. I could not even get through the operating system setup process in peace and quiet — oh somehow I turned on the “talking feature” that was supposed to be helpful but all that ended up doing was making me more upset because the computer was “talking back to me”. Those first two weeks were an eye opening experience for me and I must say that I probably should have taken my own advice. I can’t count the number of times I have told my students to “take a deep breath, relax and give yourself a break.”  That is definitely the best way to go when trying to get used to a new way of doing things – and a glass of red wine doesn’t hurt either.

So now that Melvin and I are on speaking terms (I did figure out how to turn off that voice thing so he no longer talks back to me) I have begun to explore the software that is available for my passions – sewing, embroidery, quilting and other crafty stuff.  Of course machine embroidery software peaked my interest – was always being asked “does your software work on a Mac?”. So I went off to do some investigation and the first place I searched was the Mac Store. I wasn’t interested in running WIndows on my Mac – remember I have challenged myself to learn this new system so I was looking for “real Mac software”.

So the Mac Store provided me with information on this software called Embrilliance.  I’ve heard of it before on the PC but never really looked at it outside of the Echidna Embroidery Convention in Australia that I’ve taught/facilitated at.  Brian Bailie (mostly known for his Designer’s Gallery software) and I have been “friendly competitors” over the years and under his company BriTon Leap, he has developed this line of software called Embrilliance. The programs run on both the Mac and the PC — and YES if you have both operating systems, you can use the same serial number to authorize both versions.  Pretty nifty.  On top of that, both versions kind of look the same….so yes I cheated just a bit and installed both versions to help me check out the software faster 🙂

So that is what I am doing this week!  I hope to post some photos of projects I’ve done with this software in a couple days. Just starting to get my feet wet and I hope to continue to keep you posted on my progress! 

Wishing you zero threadnests and bundles of creativity!



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