SewExpo 2013

What a great show again at SewExpo – they sure know how to put on a good time! Loved seeing so many inspiring outfits and people! Had to take a picture of Jeannie at the Wild Ginger software booth. You may know her from the new design collection she has available combining machine embroidery with printed kaleidscopes – STUNNING! Now just imagine what could happen if she started using the Wild Ginger pattern software? Yes I encouraged her to check it out — hey! from one software geekette to another….its not like I had to twist her arm or anything 😀 But isn’t that design on the back of her jacket cool?

Probably the BEST part of the event was getting to meet and talk to the kids from the Threads for Life program at Meeker middle school (I think it’s middle school – we talked about sewing not school!) BIG KUDOs goes out to my friend Connie who runs the program and to all the kids who participate. WOW talk about inspiring. Babylock provides them with machines to use in this afterschool program and to see the excitement in these young sewist just hit me. It was awesome! Hearing about the projects they have done, and are working on, and want to work on next — holy smokes! I just loved their enthusiasm and can’t wait to keep up with them the rest of the year on FB!

So now I’m home and guess I need to finish unpacking and do the laundry…. but I think I may just have to take a day and play in the dungeon 🙂 Too inspired from SewExpo 2013 and need to take advantage of that! Looking forward to next year in Puyallup!


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