A new library for Embrilliance – Alignments


In a previous post about lining up two or more designs in Embrilliance Essentials, I provided a zipped file with the alignment lines in it.  This did get me thinking….”wouldn’t it be nice if there was a library available of various types of alignment stitches right in the program?”  I happened to mention this to Brian Bailie and I would say within 5 minutes he sent me this file and said “will this work?”  So we did some tweaking and and testing to make sure there were no serious issues on my computers and we are now ready to let you guys test it if you want! 

So how do you get this library of alignments?  Download the Alignments.BX file from this link.  YES, if you have AlphaTricks or have seen the video, you know exactly what a BX file is!  Its like a design file with an installer included in it.  This is why when some of you asked “how do I convert my designs to the BX format” – – it really isn’t a format per se.  A BX file can contain a pre-mapped alphabet collection OR a set of embroidery designs OR…oh wait I can’t say anymore 🙂  You’ll just have to wait and see what Embrilliance has in store for you!

Here is the download link:   Alignments.bx file

So, you download the BX file.  Open Embrilliance Essentials and drag and drop the BX file onto the design page.  You’ll get a nifty little window saying that the alignments have been added to your library, just like this:


So now you go up to the little gear button – where you would normally get your built in library designs – and from the pulldown menu at the top choose Embrilliance Alignments and you will see the new files available in the library:


You can add these to your designs just like you would any of the library files!  If you want a center crosshair to stitch in the center of you hoop first (to put a cross on the stabilizer at the center of your hoop) insert the cross and make sure it stitches first!  You know I love to use alignment lines to line up designs because they are the most accurate from a mathematical point of view.  If you have a 36″ ruler on a table – it is really obvious when it is not straight because it is so long.  If you have a toothpick on the same table – it could be off and you wouldn’t know it because its too small.  The “points of reference” of the yardstick are 36″ apart – a toothpick is maybe 2″ apart?  BUT ANYWAY – I digress 🙂

Because there are many different types of alignment objects that people are familiar with, we put a whole bunch of them together in this library – you choose which you like to use to get the best results!  And yes you can resize these in the software.

Now, please know that we are providing them as a BX file today so you can try them out and give us feedback at http://www.Embrilliance.com and click on Contact Us.  Please do not post a question on Facebook or this blog if you want it answered quickly by someone in support!  I have no idea if wordpress will tell me if there is a message here in a timely manner and I would hate for you to think I was ignoring you!!  The Embrilliance team wants to hear from you if you are having issues so that they can be addressed before the next update comes out!  Because YES the plan is to include this file in a future update — unless everyone hates it :-O

So – here’s to lining stuff up!  Look for some future posts that talk about using my favorites!

Until next time, happy stitching!


13 Comments on “A new library for Embrilliance – Alignments”

  1. when I click on the download link, I just get another window with a lot of gobbledygook on it – no download is happening.

    • Hmmm, not sure since others have been able to download it. I bet your browser is simply trying to open the file which of course it can’t do! Try right clicking on the download link and choose Save As or Save Target as and choose a location to save the file to like your desktop.

  2. klaziena says:

    Hi Lisa, can’t open it either. Got a huge text, but not a download of something.
    No way to open it as you told. I’ve got Embrilliance Essentials only… If that could be a reason for not downloading??

    Gr. from Holland

    • Try RIGHT clicking on the download link and choosing Save As or save Target as. The BX format is actually a “sort of” executable and your browser may be trying to run it. I bet if you RIGHT click, Save to desktop and then drag and drop it into Essentials you will be GOOD TO GO! Let me know!!

      • klaziena says:

        Is ok now! Thanks. I clicked on the link and choose “save as” and got a bx in downloads.
        Thanks for answering.
        Gr. from Holland

  3. klaziena says:

    I also want to thank you for all you youtube and other explanation about Embrilliance.
    Love the programm, but need (language barrier) more info and explanation. I’ll manage, but need some extra time or teaching…..
    Thanks again!!


  4. Karen orsua says:

    Downloaded the Alignments and all is well. At least until I try to learn something else. But isn;t that what is so fun/challenging about machine embroidery.

  5. Barbara says:

    Thanks! All worked well – seamless, in fact. Great idea. Please let us know of any new bx files that become available.

    • Glad that this worked out well! There are more BX files on the Embrilliance website in the User’s Forum in the SHARE! section. Here you will find new thread brands, design libraries and more!

  6. Suzanne in TX says:

    Lisa–I really need the cross hairs and can’t get the BX file to add to my software. I saved it by right clicking as you suggested previously and it shows to be on my desktop, but when I drop it into my Embrilliance program it says NO new files were added. 😦

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