Sewing Summit 2013

So I’m here in Salt Lake City at the Sewing Summit! So very excited to be around such a diverse group of energetic women! I have to mention energetic because we had an open sewing session until 1am and here we are again in class sharing our enthusiasm for sewing.

So last night I was in the open sew to make another folder over zipper clutch using the embroidered fabric I brought with me. In Alessandra Gutierrez’s class earlier in the day, I created my “prototype” clutch….with fabric I knew would sew easily and the correct size zipper. Not that I don’t follow directions LOL, but I thought it was best that I try the project as it was intended :-). It went together so easily in class, I knew I could make another with the challenging to me fabric I had brought.

A little about the fabric I chose to base the clutch on….it was a 12 year old polyester slippery brocade from my stash that I bought 100% because of the color. It was well aged in my stash and when I saw Alessandra’s sample…I had to literally dig for it in the closet! Oh yeah…it was one of those fabrics that was always passed over for projects because it would be a bit “daunting” to sew…I knew it would come with “colorful metaphors” during the sewing process. But it was so pretty so it was in my stash and now it was going to have a purpose!

So I now needed coordinating fabric….I had black satin….black goes with everything….and it was JUST as lovely to sew so I knew it would be a challenge :-). To create a coordinating fabric from the basic black, I used Essentials to create the montage of outline style designs that I got from Embroidery Library to fit the 11″ x 8″ design area of the fold over portion. Too much fun playing with designs on the screen! I interfaced the satin with DecorBond so no stabilizer was necessary. I did use a water soluable topping. Stitched both pieces with bright colors to match the brocade, found an awesome zipper in my stash from, packed my suitcase and headed to the airport!



So here are photos of the finished clutch last night! Took less than 2 hours to sew up….including an awesome demo of the Bernina 780 machine I was sewing on and chatting with some of the others who were working on all sorts of projects in the room! So much eye candy!

Can’t wait to see what is in store for us today! Until next time ~ happy stitching and may you have zero thread nests!


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