Embrilliance Coupon & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – SERIOUSLY!

Embrilliance Coupon & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – SERIOUSLY!.


2 Comments on “Embrilliance Coupon & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – SERIOUSLY!”

  1. Shanell Bothma says:

    Hi Lisa I am looking for a easy and not too expensive digitize program. I am a user and would like to start to learn to do digitizing myself. Hope you will be able to help me with some information. I live in Cape Town South Africa

    Wait to hear from you soon.

    • hmmm “easy and not too expensive” — two phrases not usually associated with digitizing software 🙂 First, everyone learns software differently, so what I consider to be easy you may not — and vice versa! See if the programs have demo versions to try out first to see if the program makes sense to you.

      I’ve owned most of the programs available and taken classes for many years – you’d think after hanging out & traveling with so many digitizing teachers the techniques would just sink into my skin LOL. But digitizing is an art form – I’ve seen gorgeous designs created by someone with basic software and some really cruddy designs from very expensive software. It is all in the artist who understands the concepts of laying down threads and can make their software do exactly what their imagination is telling them.

      So in addition to researching software, I recommend checking out two publications on the theory of digitizing. One is by John Deer called Digitizing Made Easy and is a printed version – not sure if you can find this in South Africa but it does provide a decent background to creating stitch files that work. The other is an ebook and I’m finding it to be a reference I am going back to on a regular basis. Its called Anatomy of a Design by Lindee Goodall of Lindee G Embroidery.

      I think both of these will help BEFORE you buy software — so you can find out what tools the software you are considering needs to have – as well as AFTER the purchase as a go-to resource. You will be investing quite a bit of time in mastering the skill of digitizing. I’ve been puttering around with software for over 16 years and find that I learn something new every single time I edit an existing design OR work on creating a new one from scratch.

      Enjoy the journey!

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