Embrilliance Coupon & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – SERIOUSLY!

90day_Embrilliance If you’ve read my blog, you know that I have been having way too much fun with the Embrilliance software programs these days.  Besides being able to use the same program on my Mac and my PC (no need to learn yet another program) I really enjoy the simplicity and natural order of how the programs look and feel.  Stuff like the radio buttons to switch between Metric and Inches are right there at the top left menu bar.  I mean it sounds like such a small thing.  I sometimes feel alone in my happy little round number metric world when it comes to embroidery.  But to quickly switch between measurements  – bam! –  it’s a really big thing for me to not have to go to some hidden preferences setting to switch to inches to help a friend who feels more comfortable in inches.

And most people could care less about a detail like that ease of use feature – but just think.  If they took that much time in their planning of their software from a user interface point of view for the little things, the big things, the things that matter just have to follow suit.  The first program I got started with is Essentials — what a great name!  Think about the top 5 things you do in machine embroidery software every day.  I like to look at my designs, find the one I want to stitch and customize it – to be honest after the very first design I stitched, I don’t think I have ever simply loaded a design as is to the machine and hit start.  After the first one, it was – OK that was fun – NOW what can we do to that design!  I’m a “onesy type of gal” – each project is unique in its own right 🙂

So using the Merge stitch file, I can look at all my designs and choose the one(s) I want  in my layout.  Now I can have some fun with customizing!  Essentials lets me resize (and recalculates the stitches).  I can overlap designs — eek, but I used to have to careful when I did that because stitching two designs on top of each other makes one DENSE section — but not with Essentials!  It will automatically remove the stitches from the one underneath in a smart way so there is no gap.  And you don’t have to do anything for this to happen!  Just save the design!

How about adding some text?  There are built in fonts that can be scaled up and down – you can create multiline text without some silly character limit! Its got enveloping so you can shape the fonts into monogram style.  You can even create circular or arched text!  Now you may have seen some digitizers like Jolson’s, Rivermill Embroidery, Lindee G Embroidery, Great Notions (and new ones coming on) offering designs in the BX format? This means that you can add new custom fonts to the program with a drag and drop of the BX file onto the program.  So you can use that zebra applique curly font to create a design that says LISA by simply using the lettering tool and selecting this font you added.  Wicked simple – the letters are all lined up, and you can adjust spacing/layout just like a built in font.  Now I said applique, right?  That would normally mean you would have to stitch out each letter in whole by itself – not with the smart color sort in Essentials!  Utility > Sort Colors and BAM! sorted on the save.

All of these functions and more are part of the Essentials program — just enough of fun customizing tools so you can make your design unique to you, send it to the machine and start percolating on the next project!  And don’t get me started on the other programs! Holy smokes I can get side tracked for HOURS creating new designs without digitizing a stitch 🙂

A friend of mine was asked what software she thought was the best and I think her response was SPOT ON!  The best software for YOU is the one that you use to get the job done so you can start stitching.  So if you have software and you aren’t using it, ask yourself why?  Does it feel like a really awkward first date when you open the program?  Maybe its just not the right match for you!  We all learn differently and what makes sense to me may not make sense to you and vice versa.  If you don’t have software – be sure that you check out what’s available to you – make a list of what YOU find to be important features.  What do YOU find to be essential?  Ya never know, maybe you and Embrilliance Essentials are a compatible couple 🙂

Now there are few companies that let you return software – its just not part of the industry standard.  Embrilliance broke all those rules with a 90 day money back guarantee.  They want everyone to be happy and say so right on the first page of their website!

And to offer some warm up savings on thsnoweir Facebook page, they are now offering a coupon code for the month of January and told everyone to share it and spread the word!  Use FB114 for the coupon code in the shopping cart to get the savings.  So I’m doing my part 🙂

Here is a shortened link to the website – checkout the programs, the user’s forum, ask questions via Contact Us.


Stay tuned next week — I talked about stabilizers last time and got to thinking what else is part of the “underside” of embroidery?  No I’m not talking about underground secret societies!  Think about your bobbins….that’s where we’re going next!

Until next time – Happy Stitching!


8 Comments on “Embrilliance Coupon & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – SERIOUSLY!”

  1. Lee Maltenfort says:

    Lisa –
    I’m ready to buy Embrilliance, but am stumped regarding digitizing software to accompany it. I do mostly small runs for local non-profits, all wanting their logo incorporated into the stitching – hence the need for a minimal (think clip art, line art) digitizing software.
    What do you recommend?
    Thanks in advance,’

    • Hello Lee! Sorry I don’t have a recommendation for easy to use for the budget minded digitizing software. I know that Embrilliance is working on such a program but have no idea as to when it will be available. Thanks for chatting!

      • Lee Maltenfort says:

        Before writing you I went through the Embrilliance site – they’ve been trying to develop something since 2010 (publiciy); wonder when they actually began the work.

        Glad I found your site. It is probably the most pragmatic and practical of all the blogs on machine embroidery. As a one-time feature writer, I can appreciate the work and skill it takes to create the postiings. Please continue . . .

  2. Thanks for the compliments on my blog – as you know, its always a work in progress as well as that of the heart :-).

    I’m not sure when the work started, but Embrilliance has quite a challenge in developing programs that work under both Windows AND Mac operating systems while still resembling the same program! This is no small feat – otherwise why would every single machine machine embroidery company that offers programs for both operating systems have completely unrelated programs? Plus, I know they understand that for a majority of those that do machine embroidery, its a hobby, not a business expense.

    Anyway – as soon as I get any publishable news, you know I will be jumping up and down and writing all about it on my blog and anywhere else I am able 🙂

  3. Mildred says:

    Would the coupon for January be active still? any sales for Mothers Day?

    • I’m not sure about coupons – but an expired coupon is no longer valid from my definition. Did you contact Embrilliance to ask your question about their sale or the coupon expiration? Sorry, I don’t have the answer – if I were involved in selling, I would know, but Embrilliance is not my company 🙂 Questions like this are best directed to the customer support at Embrilliance.com.

  4. Sheila Watson says:

    I am new to embroidery and I have been using the trial version of embrilliance. I am wondering which version would be best for me to outline different fonts.

    • In order to create stitches that form an outline for a font or any design requires digitizing functions. The Embrilliance digitizing software is called StitchArtist. You would open the design and use the tools to create an outline around the letters and assign a running stitch to the object you create. http://www.tinyurl.com/StitchArtist is the information page on the program.

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