Freebie Friday! The Pleated Clutch

As I’m bouncing around cyberspace looking for some place interesting to land, I stumbled upon this blog post by Choly Knight. First, I really appreciated the great photography showing the steps. Getting clear pictures is a challenge for me, so I appreciate when I find well executed photography. I also love the french seam finish – such a great clean finish without having to do all this twisting and turning with fussy fabric like satin. Can’t wait to make this Pleated Clutch but thought I would share it with you first 🙂 Oh yes – I’m thinking embroidery is a must for this!

Choly Knight

Hi everyone! I’m back to stop in for another quick tutorial during my semi-hiatus :B This time around I made some simple pouches from my stash of satin fabrics. Finding projects to make from such tiny bits of flimsy fabrics like lining and satin is always tough, so when I find a good purpose I really milk it as you can see from all the variations I made here XD Even though satin fabric is really flimsy, I just love all the neat things you can do to manipulate it, and for the most part it really goes along for the ride. You can gather it, pleat it, scrunch it, fold it, drape it, whatever – and it all seems to look purposeful. I played with that a little here by making this small clutch pouch with pleats in it. It seems like the perfect thing to whip up to…

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