StitchArtist(tm) from Embrilliance is now available!

Click here to read about StitchArtistI am very proud to have been part of the team that created this new software for Mac and Windows computers.  I have been beta testing this program for well over a year and I can actually say that I enjoy “digitizing”.  Those that know me have always heard that I prefer to edit existing designs and that was because my experience with digitizing software in the past entailed a lot of work.  And for me, machine embroidery may be my job, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult or not enjoyable.  When something becomes tedious, I find something else to do 🙂

So, I have always shied away from creating my own designs – that is until now.  To read about this program, please visit this page:

Stay tuned – I am working on an in the hoop project using StithArtist and hope to post it later today!  For those that like In the hoop embroidery designs and want to create your own – are you in for a treat!


One Comment on “StitchArtist(tm) from Embrilliance is now available!”

  1. Rhonda Chandler says:

    StitchArtist looks FANTASTIC Lisa! The price is excellent too. It is a great addition to the Embrilliance program.

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