A New scissor snob has been created

Yes, Kai Scissors are my favorite when it comes to using a lightweight super SHARP SMOOTH scissor for cutting out fabric and trimming threads. Check out this blog post to see what they think about the scissors!

That's Sew Absurd!

I don’t know about you, but for me, I’ve bought scissors everywhere! My local sewing shop, fabric store, the cheapies that come with a new machine purchase, walmart, heck.. even the dollar store. They’re scissors, as long as they cut, what the heck does it matter, right? WRONG!

I was recently introduced to Kai Scissors.  Yup, I am officially converted and am now a scissor snob!

My absolutely favorites are the 5100c 4 inch curved.  They’re impressively sharp (Please be careful and don’t drop them in your lap, you will stab yourself… don’t ask me how I know either.. I’m not telling).  For those like me, who have only started their embroidery journey, you most likely have a single needle machine that doesn’t automatically trim jump stitches, and sometimes, they can be a pain in the rear to trim. These make those jump stitches easy to trim.  You do…

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