Lisa in AustraliaLisa in AustraliaLisa in AustraliaHello,

My name is Lisa and welcome to my Blog!  I’ve been a machine embroider-er since the mid 90’s when I found out that the computer I “had to use for work” could also be used for fun!  And then I started working in this industry, so I am very fortunate to really enjoy my job 🙂

I hope to use this blog to share new information on machine embroidery and the software and other gizmos related to this wonderful hobby/job and hope that you enjoy it as well.

All my best,



6 Comments on “About”

  1. I need help with splitting a design in Embrilliance software. Can you help me please??!!

    • Did you check out the User’s Forum on the Embrilliance website for tips and tricks? If you could not find help there I suggest that you click on Contact Us while you are on the Embrilliance website so that you can get personalized help from their tech support. They are really good about answering every single email that comes in – you can even log into the system at a later date to look at your past questions and answers or to check the status! That would be the BEST resource for you to get the answers that you need!

  2. Yvonne says:

    How do I follow your blog? Heard great things about your work with Embrillance and want to learn all about it. Thanks!

  3. michele rathbone says:

    I need advice! I have been embroidering about four years now, using the Embird software. I have been very pleased with it, but am always looking for something new and better. I’ve read some on Embrilliance and am so impressed with how you can type a word, then import all the letters at once in a specified font. So time-saving. However, i own about 200 fonts in PES format, and i’m thinking i would no longer be able to use those. Is that correct? And do you like Embrilliance that much more than Embird???? Thanks for any help you can give.

    • Sorry for the delay in replying – you got marked as spam, eek! If you have alphabet design collections in the PES format (or any embroidery format), you can use the Embrilliance AlphaTricks program to “map” the alphabet collection so that it shows up as a font in the pulldown list of the lettering tool! Here is a video that shows the mapping process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4mhYYEoXFc&index=2&list=PLwm56yBBUPAMMvdaD7cX0OqC_YD6eqM3z and how to use this “new font” in the program. Check out the Embrilliance website for more information – hands down YES I find the Embrilliance software very easy to use with lots of automated functions.

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