Wolf splitting how-to

For those looking for the free video showing the splitting of the EmbLibrary wolf and eagle using two windows, http://www.sew-bubbles.com/video_lessons.htm

There is no sound because of the size of the video, but the big thing is going to File > New Workspace, start a new design in the same format so that you have a screen on one side with the design in the layout and an EMPTY exact layout on the other side so you can copy and paste between the two. Important that they are the EXACT same format and hoop layout so that they cut from and paste to the same location in SPACE in the other!

Have scheduled a BuzzSize Customizing and a BuzzEdit – 3 quick splitting/slicing projects for The Sewing Room in March 2010. The BuzzEdit class will cover how to split a design so you can create an invisible closure. Check out The Sewing Room to sign up as the class size is limted to 12 since it is HANDS ON with your laptop!


Online Resouces for Projects

I seem to be always looking for simple sewing patterns for embroidery embellishment. Although my sewing skills have greatly improved since my “double breasted jacket” that would only fit IF I were to grow “another pair”, I would rather spend my time embellishing than follow a more complicated sewing pattern.

So while I was preparing for my “Computer Lingo” class at SewExpo this year, I was in search of every free and easy to follow totebag/purse instructions I could find on the internet. Why free? Because I like to save my pennies, but also because this is a great way to find out if someone’s pattern instruction style is something I can wrap my head around and make sense of. I’ve got thin hair and don’t want to lose any more by pulling it out trying to figure out instructions.

For more information on the websites found during my quest, check out the class notes I recently posted on my website from my Computer Lingo class. If you happen to come to the next Buzz Lady’s Trunk Show, you’ll see many of the patterns from the mentioned websites embellished with delightful embroidery designs.

Until next time…Lisa

Not-so quilted quilt block

BuzzClub splitting project

Frisco TX in August was HOT HOT HOT, but I think it was from all the energy and excitement going on at the Sewing Room (www.sewingroom.com)!  What an absolute BLAST I had – and we even got some work done in the hands on BuzzEdit class. 

We all split the design using BuzzEdit software – it was AMAZING to see how everyone was becoming familiar with the program because they had been using it.  HOWEVER, we had a complete newbie in the class (just installed her software the night before) and she was keeping up with everyone!  I just love to see the “yeeha cha cha” that you do in your seat when it just clicks and you got it.  I know how it feels as a student to get it, but to see it as the teacher – whoo hoo!

We’ve already got the classes set up for October and they promise me that it will be a lot cooler then 🙂  I hope everyone got jazzed enough to go home and chop all their embroidery designs into pieces!  No sawdust to clean up afterwards, that’s for sure!

Until next time!  Lisa

BuzzClub @ the Sewing Room

We just finished the first BuzzClub at The Sewing Room in Frisco, Texas!  We are going to try to make this a bi-monthly event, so if you are interested, be sure to check out their website OR my schedule page for more information on future happenings!

Our lecture class was on organizing designs using BuzzXplore.  This program makes it so easy to find your designs and to organize your purchased designs from the free samples you download off the internet.  I like to keep mine separated so that I can tell someone if they can download them for free or from what design collection they came from. 

BuzzClub1The hands on class was too much fun and yes, everyone split their embroidery design into two sections AND they all lined back up at the machine! If you can line up a satin stitch outline, you can line up anything!  Because everyone finished ahead of schedule, I’m going to have to up my game for a more challenging project for next time…

I also picked up some new feet for my Janome machine – the proper tools always make the job at hand so much easier.  I say this all the time when it comes to software, and now I understand the same thing applies to feet for the machine!  Putting in corded piping with a piping foot OR the Janome invisible zipper foot is SO MUCH easier to get good results!  Linda McGehee (of Ghees and the maker of all those easy to follow handbag patterns with the hidden pockets and fun zippers) taught me some wonderful techniques and now I’ve got all the right feet for my machine – no more excuses 🙂

Until next time – Lisa